לאָגין צייכן אַרויף
  • 360times viewed
  • 102דאַונלאָודיד

Neon Social Icons Set

Neon Social Icons Set easy to use with all web design. Includes 20 most popular social media icons on the web.

  • 390times viewed
  • 141דאַונלאָודיד

7 Apple Watch Mockup Set

Detailed Apple watch mockup set with front view and 7 model designs. Vector shapes PSD.

  • 585times viewed
  • 216דאַונלאָודיד

15 Minimal Vector Web Icons Set

15 Simple line web icons set in vector AI and PSD.

  • 609times viewed
  • 295דאַונלאָודיד

112 Scalable Vector Icons Pack

112 Finely designed fully scalable vector icons in PSD, SVG and EPS. Includes font file.

  • 468times viewed
  • 125דאַונלאָודיד

Apple Smart Watch Mockup

Sleek Apple watch mockup with black and white variations. PSD

  • 488times viewed
  • 142דאַונלאָודיד

Light Music Player with Album

Unique circular light music player over album - PSD.

  • 439times viewed
  • 94דאַונלאָודיד

Safari iOS Browser Icon

Unique Safari iOS browser icon - looks like marble - PSD.

  • 580times viewed
  • 165דאַונלאָודיד

Profile Portfolio UI Design

Clean profile portfolio UI design for smartphone app. Includes: Avatar, About, Portfolio, Contact and Skills

  • 418times viewed
  • 95דאַונלאָודיד

9 Showy Shopping Cart Icons Set

9 E-commerce shopping cart icons - 3 styles in 3 color variations. Easy to customize in PSD.

  • 383times viewed
  • 54דאַונלאָודיד

3 Twitter Social Media Icons Set

3 Styles of blue Twitter social networking icons - round, square and bird only. PSD

  • 420times viewed
  • 72דאַונלאָודיד

11 Payment Gateway Icons Set

11 Popular payment gateway icons set created in PSD.

  • 454times viewed
  • 99דאַונלאָודיד

Minimal Login Form

Elegant login form with input fields for user name and password as well as a big red submit button. PSD

  • 389times viewed
  • 72דאַונלאָודיד

4 Social Media Buttons Set

4 Small social media buttons - excellent for a footer or sidebar - PSD.

  • 467times viewed
  • 42דאַונלאָודיד

2 Live Chat Buttons Offline Online

Set of Live Chat buttons with avatar showing online or offline activity. PSD

  • 459times viewed
  • 84דאַונלאָודיד

60 Round Control Validation Buttons

Set of 60 call to action buttons in rounded shapes and various colors. PSD

  • 343times viewed
  • 66דאַונלאָודיד

Social Bubble Buttons Follow Me

Set of 6 Follow me social media buttons in bubble shape. PSD

  • 649times viewed
  • 481דאַונלאָודיד

Creative Business Cards Template Set

Set of creative abstract business cards - front and back - in green and orange variations. Print ready, 300 DPI, CMYK, font included.

  • 403times viewed
  • 70דאַונלאָודיד

5 Classic Social Media Icons Set

A set of 5 classic social networking icons with share / tag buttons. RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Dribbble.

  • 524times viewed
  • 157דאַונלאָודיד

3D Software Box Set Mockup

Professional 3D software boxset mockup to showcase your product - PSD.

  • 547times viewed
  • 432דאַונלאָודיד

Flow Business Card Templates Set

Clean, simple business card set - front and back - in three color choices. Fully Layered PSD files Fully Customizable and Editable CMYK Setting 300 DPI 3.5” x 2” Print Ready Font Used: Arial, AlternateGothic2 BT (Available in zip file)

  • 486times viewed
  • 335דאַונלאָודיד

iPro Consulting Business Cards Set

Professional consulting business cards set - front and back - CMYK 300 DPI High Resolution Fully Layered PSD files Fully editable Print Ready Format Font used: Exo

  • 584times viewed
  • 196דאַונלאָודיד

60 Web Line Icons Vector Pack

60 Distinctive line icons pack designed in vector Ai, EPS and PSD.

  • 480times viewed
  • 120דאַונלאָודיד

Part 11 - Edge UI Kit - Widgets

Edge UI kit - part 11 - widgets. Weather, social, categories, latest activity, pool, Twitter, Instagram, subscribe, share...

  • 482times viewed
  • 211דאַונלאָודיד

Edge UI Kit - Part 10 - Social

Great set of social ui elements from the Edge collection - part 10. Profiles, follow me, newsletter, vcard, avatars, input fields...

  • 453times viewed
  • 175דאַונלאָודיד

Part 9 - Edge UI Kit - Navigation

Edge UI kit - part 9 - navigation includes: menus, side menus, dropdowns, header, navigation, notification, social icons, tabbed box, toolbar. PSD

  • 440times viewed
  • 164דאַונלאָודיד

Part 8 Edge UI Kit - Multi-Media

Selection of Edge UI elements - part 8 - multi-media. Video player, music player, artists, playlist, albums...

  • 515times viewed
  • 128דאַונלאָודיד

Part 7 Edge UI Kit - Headers

Edge UI kit - part 7 - headers. Image sliders, thumbnails, video player, and more.

  • 416times viewed
  • 131דאַונלאָודיד

Part 6 Edge UI Kit - Forms

Edge UI kit - part 7 - Forms. Input forms, contact forms, sign-up and login, message, payment shipping and order forms.

  • 419times viewed
  • 71דאַונלאָודיד

Part 5 Edge UI Kit - Footer

Edge UI Kit part 5 includes the footer, contact info, social icons, google map, signup form, product lists...

  • 458times viewed
  • 83דאַונלאָודיד

Edge UI Kit - Part 4 - Ecommerce

Large e-commerce UI collection - checkout, product boxes, shopping cart, image slider, gallery, side menu, price selector, headers, signup...

  • 400times viewed
  • 105דאַונלאָודיד

Edge UI Kit - Part 3 - Charts

Part of the Edge UI elements kit - part 3 - Charts. Graphs and charts, progress bars, infographics, and more. PSD

  • 361times viewed
  • 42דאַונלאָודיד

Edge UI Kit - Part 2 - Blog

Edge UI Kit - big collection of UI elements - part 2 Blog. PSD

  • 425times viewed
  • 174דאַונלאָודיד

Edge UI Kit Part 1 Base

Edge UI kit - huge collection of flat modern UI elements - Part 1 - Base set. PSD

  • 623times viewed
  • 250דאַונלאָודיד

100+ Minimal Line Vector Icons

Over 100 simple line icons designed in Illustrator - files included are SVG, PNG, PSD, SKETCH, PDF, EPS.

  • 452times viewed
  • 102דאַונלאָודיד

8 Minimal Loop Preloaders Set

8 Fine line loop preloaders and animations set. Layered sequence with timeline. PSD and vector AI and EPS.

  • 398times viewed
  • 74דאַונלאָודיד

Hover Tooltip Styles & Effects Set

Set of hover tooltips and effects using CSS transforms, border-radius and SVG shapes.

  • 381times viewed
  • 37דאַונלאָודיד

FAQ Template Page CSS

This FAQ template is easy to customize with category side menu and drop downs. HTML/CSS

  • 1233times viewed
  • 214דאַונלאָודיד

Infographic Dashboard CS6

Clean infographic dashboard with line graphs, progress boxes, navigation and sidebar menus. PSD

  • 364times viewed
  • 99דאַונלאָודיד

Minimal iPhone Mockup Black & White

Clean set of iPhone 6 mockups in black and white versions - PSD.

  • 425times viewed
  • 52דאַונלאָודיד

3 Apple Watch Flat Mockups

3 Flat style Apple watch mockups in analog, digital and sport editions. PSD

  • 361times viewed
  • 47דאַונלאָודיד

Flowup Labels Placeholder JS Plugin

Flowup labels as a Javascipt plugin that makes form labels act like placeholders.

  • 654times viewed
  • 250דאַונלאָודיד

32 Hipster Vintage Badges with Fonts

32 Cool Hipster badges with vintage styling. Included are editable and outlined fonts. PNG, AI and EPS files.

  • 594times viewed
  • 262דאַונלאָודיד

50 Round Travel & Ecology Vector Icons

50 ecology theme and transportation / travel related icons in round shape. Included are files in PSD, PNG, SVG and AI.

  • 621times viewed
  • 202דאַונלאָודיד

30 Flat Ballicons Icons Vector Set

30 Crisp round Ballicon icons in 2 variations - flat and light gradient. PSD, SVG and PNG files.

  • 422times viewed
  • 168דאַונלאָודיד

Fresh iPad PSD Mockup

Relaxed scene iPad mockup with sunshine and coffee. PSD

  • 440times viewed
  • 144דאַונלאָודיד

Macbook Air PSD Mockup

Fresh summery office scene Macbook Air mockup. PSD

  • 454times viewed
  • 89דאַונלאָודיד

3D Cube Icons Set

3D Cube Icons Set easy to use with all web design. Includes 20 most popular social media icons on the web.

  • 702times viewed
  • 151דאַונלאָודיד

Creative Blot Icons Set

Free Creative Blot Icons Set. Includes 20 most popular social media icons on the web.

  • 867times viewed
  • 159דאַונלאָודיד

White Line Colour Icons Set

Free White Line Colour Icons Set With Transparent Background. This set easy to combine with all web design styles. Includes 20 most popular social media icons on the web in most popular format and sizes for web sites.