לאָגין צייכן אַרויף
  • 349times viewed
  • 40דאַונלאָודיד

Google Inbox Sketch Mockup Set

Here is a Google Inbox mockup set in Sketch format for you to use in your designs.

  • 343times viewed
  • 35דאַונלאָודיד

306 Subway Web Vector Icons Pack

Finely crafted Subway icons pack created especially for iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and BlackBerry 10. Included are files in: PNG, SVG, XALM, PSD, CSH, SKETCH, PDF, AI and EPS formats.

  • 357times viewed
  • 74דאַונלאָודיד

200 Tonicons Sketch Font Outline Icons

Tonicons - a CSS-ready font with 200 outline icons. Includes .EPS 8, .SKETCH and a guide for using the css and js files.

  • 311times viewed
  • 29דאַונלאָודיד

12 Mini Vector Camping Icons Set

12 camping icons that include all the things you need on your camping trip - vector AI file.

  • 748times viewed
  • 190דאַונלאָודיד

Vector Infographic Elements Set

Vector infographic elements set with analysis and stats set in an easy to understand format. Vector EPS.

  • 652times viewed
  • 237דאַונלאָודיד

Abstract Cubes Geometric Background

Suspended cube abstract pattern to create a powerful business style background - vector AI and EPS.

  • 589times viewed
  • 229דאַונלאָודיד

6 Freestyle White Lines Vector Patterns

6 Creative hand drawn seamless patterns done freestyle with white lines - circles and squares - vector AI file.

  • 564times viewed
  • 175דאַונלאָודיד

8 Seamless Rain Theme Vector Patterns

8 Finely designed rain-themed patterns with umbrellas and raindrops - vector AI file.

  • 644times viewed
  • 306דאַונלאָודיד

Abstract Polygonal Vector Background

Multi-layer polygonal abstract background with light sparkles - vector EPS.

  • 620times viewed
  • 486דאַונלאָודיד

Decorative Vintage Corner Elements

Creative corners vector illustrations will add flair to your designs - floral, vintage and calligraphy. EPS file

  • 561times viewed
  • 230דאַונלאָודיד

Glowing Floral Abstract Vector Background

Glowing light with bubbles and floral elements for a fresh spring-like background - vector EPS.

  • 729times viewed
  • 480דאַונלאָודיד

Vintage Scroll & Frame Design Elements

Add a flourish or swirl decor element to your designs with this vintage style frames and decorative elements set. Vector EPS

  • 473times viewed
  • 164דאַונלאָודיד

Blurred Light Bokeh Abstract Background

Fresh green bokeh blurred lights abstract background - EPS vector.

  • 502times viewed
  • 81דאַונלאָודיד

Ecommerce PSD Website Template

Modern and minimal ecommerce website template featuring sliding product boxes - PSD.

  • 525times viewed
  • 84דאַונלאָודיד

100 Minimal Line Icons Pack

Clean and simple line icons pack with a crisp fresh look. SVG, AI and PNG files included.

  • 799times viewed
  • 167דאַונלאָודיד

Ticket & Event Web Design (PSD Freebie)

Hello guys i had some design that i wanted to sell but why not sharing with you the PSD Enjoy ;)

  • 1046times viewed
  • 80דאַונלאָודיד


octopos, squid, shrimp, sea, seafood

  • 1288times viewed
  • 298דאַונלאָודיד

Infographic Dashboard Analytic UI Kit

Simple yet highly organized analytic dashboard with infographic charts, graphs, progress bars, side menus and statistics. PSD

  • 1428times viewed
  • 236דאַונלאָודיד

Precise Sketch UI Elements Kit

Crisp UI elements kit in Sketch format - includes map, profile, product box, sign-up, graphs, news box, and more.

  • 1258times viewed
  • 176דאַונלאָודיד

New Frontview Macbook Mockups Set

The new Macbook has arrived and here are some mockups to display your applications - in silver, space grey, and gold. PSD

  • 1494times viewed
  • 176דאַונלאָודיד

Customizable Contact Form CSS

Minimal CSS snippet of a contact form with optional features, radio buttons, checkboxes, select, and error messages.

  • 1108times viewed
  • 172דאַונלאָודיד

Responsive Resume Template HTML/PSD

Minimal resume template with responsive HTML and PSD files.

  • 1237times viewed
  • 167דאַונלאָודיד

Phototime Mobile Apps Landing Page

Minimal Phototime landing page template for showcasing mobile apps - PSD.

  • 1119times viewed
  • 211דאַונלאָודיד

4 New iMac Mockup Prospectives

4 Detailed iMac mockups for you each from a different prospective. PSD in vector shapes

  • 1246times viewed
  • 313דאַונלאָודיד

Blog Portfolio Theme PSD Template

Elegant one page scroll down portfolio / blog website template with image slider and thumbnails, about us, and contact page. PSD

  • 1238times viewed
  • 178דאַונלאָודיד

Product Charts Progress Visitors

Minimal dark product charts with circular progress bars and counters. PSD

  • 1324times viewed
  • 194דאַונלאָודיד

Dark iPhone 6 Music App

Dark attractive iPhone 6 music app with player, album cover, equalizer, and playlist. PSD made with vector shapes.

  • 1960times viewed
  • 391דאַונלאָודיד

Zen UI Elements Playlist Signup

Fresh transparent Zen UI playlist and signup with album cover and circular photo frame. PSD

  • 1880times viewed
  • 311דאַונלאָודיד

Light Mobile UI Elements Kit

Complete light UI kit with login, sign up, content box, product boxes, chat, checkout, tabbed box, music player, chart and more. PSD

  • 1747times viewed
  • 369דאַונלאָודיד

20 Web Line Vector Icons

20 Strong line web icons set designed in AI and PSD.

  • 1708times viewed
  • 367דאַונלאָודיד

Colored Web UI Elements Kit

Clean flat web UI elements kit with buttons, shopping cart, pricing tables, loaders, progress bars, buy now buttons and more. PSD

  • 1591times viewed
  • 246דאַונלאָודיד

Business Finance Dashboard Chart and Menu

Optimal dashboard for financial or business website. Includes charts, infographics, side menu with icons for clients, projects, invoices and settings. PSD

  • 1913times viewed
  • 221דאַונלאָודיד

Dark Flat UI Kit Header Player Apps

Dark minimal UI elements kit including a video player, social icons with counters, login, weather app, product boxes, and navigation menu. PSD

  • 1723times viewed
  • 245דאַונלאָודיד

Coloristic iOS Android UI Kit

Coloristic iOS / Android UI kit with dashboard, profile with menu, and music albums. PSD

  • 1377times viewed
  • 118דאַונלאָודיד

24 Flat Christmas Icons Set PSD

24 Christmas season flat icons in cheerful holiday style - PSD.

  • 1566times viewed
  • 174דאַונלאָודיד

Organized Pro Business Theme PSD Website

Professional clean, business theme scroll-down website - header, contacts, newsletter, testimonials, pricing tables, and about us. PSD

  • 1441times viewed
  • 172דאַונלאָודיד

15 Circular Business Infographic Icons Set

15 Light round business icons with infographic symbols - PSD.

  • 4208times viewed
  • 1996דאַונלאָודיד

Creative Leaflet PSD Free Template

Creative Leaflet PSD Free Template is suitable for car showroom, fashion shop, products showcase and other business. We design leaflet PSD template designed in creative and modern style. The template is absolutely free of charge and ready to print. The package includes editable photoshop file, free fonts and free logo. You can easily customize according to your needs without any charges. Size: A5+ bleed (0.25), Color Mode: CMYK. Resolution: 300dpi, Photo not included

  • 3496times viewed
  • 1807דאַונלאָודיד

Creative Business Card Photoshop Free Template

Clean, creative and simple business card set - front and back - in black, white and red color, The template is absolutely free of charge and ready to print. As the template is fully layered, you can easily customize according to your needs without any charges. Print Ready, Color Mode: CMYK 300 DPI Size 3.5” x 2” (+.25in) Included description file for detail specification.

  • 2889times viewed
  • 1469דאַונלאָודיד

Stylish Business Card Photoshop Free Template

Clean, stylish and simple business card set - front and back - in trendy color, white and orange. The template is absolutely free of charge and ready to print. As the template is fully layered, you can easily customize according to your needs without any charges. Print Ready, Color Mode: CMYK 300 DPI Size 3.5” x 2” (+.25in) Included description file for detail specification.

  • 3545times viewed
  • 707דאַונלאָודיד

Round Ribbon Icons Set

Round Ribbon Icons Set. Includes 20 most popular social media icons designed in ribbon style. This pack contains 20 different icons in popular format and sizes for your projects.

  • 3164times viewed
  • 607דאַונלאָודיד

Grey Social Media Icons

Grey Social Media Icons with rounded corners. Includes 20 most popular social media icons on the web. This pack contains 20 icons in popular format and sizes for web icons.

  • 3967times viewed
  • 698דאַונלאָודיד

20 Flat Blackberry Icons Set

20 Flat pastel mobile icons for Blackberry - vector shapes in PSD.

  • 3587times viewed
  • 436דאַונלאָודיד

25 Flat Christmas Icons Set

25 Flat Christmas themed icons set (including a Christmas cover to send them to someone). PSD, AI and PNG.

  • 3425times viewed
  • 532דאַונלאָודיד

12 SVG Loader Icons

12 Unique loaders in SVG format - no CSS or JS.

  • 3740times viewed
  • 656דאַונלאָודיד

Skype Redesign Concept for Android

New look concept for Skype on Android - PSD UI screens.

  • 3588times viewed
  • 1008דאַונלאָודיד

56 Evil Icons Lightweight Vector Set

56 Lightweight line icons - Evil Icons - vector Ai. See site for more format options.

  • 4146times viewed
  • 1222דאַונלאָודיד

100 Pizza Restaurant Bar Line Icons Pack

100 Line icons designed in vector Ai and PSD for your pizza house, bar or restaurant for a website or advertising merchandise.

  • 2983times viewed
  • 224דאַונלאָודיד

3 Christmas Snow Globe Wreath Icons

Three creative Christmas icons - a knitted stocking, snow globe, and evergreen wreath -vector EPS.

  • 3539times viewed
  • 1189דאַונלאָודיד

Eventive Colorful Typeface Logo

Creative and colorful "eventive" typeface logo - vector Ai.