• 7073times viewed
  • 2299kupakuliwa

12 Rhombus Adobe Programu Icons Kuweka PSD

12 Colorful Adobe programs and social icons in a rhombus shape - PSD.

  • 6323times viewed
  • 1096kupakuliwa

Douban.fm Radio Player Widget PSD

Sharp looking Douban.fm radio player widget with simple clean icons and controls. PSD

  • 10974times viewed
  • 3495kupakuliwa

Tele Flat Polaris UI vipengele Kit PSD

Artfully crafted Polaris - a flat web ui elements kit: buttons, Metro icons, navigation, tooltip, mini video player on display shelf, album with CD, toggles, switches, check boxes, image slider, equalizer, like icon, pagination, sliders, control knob - PSD.

  • 6669times viewed
  • 656kupakuliwa

9 retina Icons Google Drive Set PSD

9 Flat retina-size Google Drive icons set in PSD.

  • 7014times viewed
  • 1555kupakuliwa

White Navigation Knob with Icons Menu PSD

Cool white navigation knob stopping at circular icon buttons with blue active state. PSD

  • 10606times viewed
  • 1277kupakuliwa

5 Flat Juu Browsers Icons Kuweka PSD

5 flat icons of the most popular browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera). PSD

  • 6586times viewed
  • 1370kupakuliwa

12 Crisp Flat Icons Colorful Kuweka PSD

12 Beautifully crafted flat icons set - PSD.

  • 7066times viewed
  • 1893kupakuliwa

24 Juu Flat Mtandao Icons Kuweka PSD

24 Mixed flat icons set - some for programs, maps, graphs, tools, social, clock, calendar, notes, mail, camera - PSD.

  • 10519times viewed
  • 2454kupakuliwa

Gorofa Apple Devices Icons Kuweka PSD

Flat Apple device icons set - iPhone, MacBook, iPad, iMac, iPad mini - PSD.

  • 6347times viewed
  • 821kupakuliwa

Gorofa Macbook Air vifaa Icons Kuweka PSD

Flat Apple devices icons - Macbook Air and monitor - PSD.

  • 6971times viewed
  • 1758kupakuliwa

9 Amazing Flat Icons Colorful Kuweka PSD

9 Colorful flat icons set - iPhone, mail, camera, notes, zoom, lock, profile, map, rocket - PSD.

  • 6952times viewed
  • 2020kupakuliwa

9 superlative Icons Flat Kuweka PSD

9 Incredible flat icons set - mail, browser, calendar, clock, gallery, paper, cloud - PSD.

  • 6558times viewed
  • 587kupakuliwa

15 pictograph Glyph Icons Kuweka PSD / CSS

15 Business or office glyph icons set in PSD and CSS.

  • 6242times viewed
  • 548kupakuliwa

28 sketched Media Jamii Icons Kuweka CSS / HTML

28 Sketched CSS-font social networking icons set in CSS/HTML.

  • 6716times viewed
  • 1161kupakuliwa

24 Thin Stroke Mtandao Icons Kuweka PSD

24 Simplistic web icons done with a thin stroke - PSD.

  • 6927times viewed
  • 2063kupakuliwa

6 Fedha Banking Vector Icons Kuweka

6 Finance related vector icons set - bag of money, credit cards, briefcase, dollar bills, dollar sign, coins - AI format.

  • 6508times viewed
  • 2766kupakuliwa

8 Medical Vector Icons Kuweka

8 Medical theme icons set - beaker, injection, needle, medicine, medkit, first aid - vector AI file.

  • 6653times viewed
  • 1175kupakuliwa

8 Wanaume na Wanawake Watu Icons Set

8 Vector male and female people icons with different styles of dress - AI format.

  • 6168times viewed
  • 2448kupakuliwa

Various Vector Icon Elements Set

Variety of useful and fun vector icons - trees, dog, injection, drinks glasses, butterfly, dress, cloud with sunlight, couple of people, scissors, glider, flower, flag, pen, pencil, heart with ring - EPS set.

  • 5664times viewed
  • 2792kupakuliwa

195 Dunia Flags Icon Taifa Set

195 Colorful national flags of the world in vector EPS.

  • 4646times viewed
  • 752kupakuliwa

Baridi Purple Mtandao UI vipengele Kit PSD

Loads of exciting purple UI elements - navigation, image frame, music player, dropdown, buttons, tags, alerts, star rating, Twitter icons, toggle switches, video player, grid/view, input fields - PSD.

  • 4968times viewed
  • 527kupakuliwa

7 Intricately Textured Instagram Buttons Set PSD

7 Quality made textured Instagram buttons in two sizes - editable PSD. (pay with tweet at authors site)

  • 5232times viewed
  • 872kupakuliwa

Awesome Orange App UI Elements Kit PSD

In perfect detail, here are some awesome orange app UI elements - a bold orange bar with settings icon, white selector and toggle with orange effects, three tiered black toolbar with icons - PSD set.

  • 5385times viewed
  • 688kupakuliwa

Sexy Black Buy Sasa ununuzi Buttons Cart PSD

Black inset shopping cart buttons - one side features a shopping cart icon with Buy Now and the other is the cart total. Presented in three states. PSD

  • 4816times viewed
  • 891kupakuliwa

Immaculate Dark Vertical Menu Interface PSD

Finely tooled dark vertical menu with settings icons and black submenu. PSD

  • 6037times viewed
  • 841kupakuliwa

Chuma gia Apple TV Settings Icon PSD

Realistic shiny metal setting gears icon with metal frame and carbon background for Apple TV. PSD

  • 5059times viewed
  • 841kupakuliwa

Immaculate Dark Web UI Elements Kit PSD

Dark and detailed UI elements with blue effects - input field in 2 states, on/off toggle switches, image frame, rounded and rectangle buttons in 3 states, circular progress bar, slider, social and mixed icons - PSD.

  • 5390times viewed
  • 693kupakuliwa

Green Flatastic Web UI Elements Kit PSD

Fabulous flat green UI elements kit - navigation, buttons, search field, tag, square and round toggle switches, player, slider, login, video player and Twitter icons - PSD

  • 5666times viewed
  • 640kupakuliwa

Usahihi Music Player UI Kit PSD

Quality crafted music player elements - sleek green header with icons, dark player bar with orange feature button, square image frame and matching orange progress slider. PSD

  • 5581times viewed
  • 815kupakuliwa

Immaculate iPhone App Icon PSD

iOS iPhone app icon in pearly white with circle blue center. PSD

  • 4749times viewed
  • 709kupakuliwa

Sweet Blue Settings Toolbar Interface

Mini blue settings toolbar UI with icons and active state. PSD

  • 4899times viewed
  • 696kupakuliwa

Exquisite Photo Tool Bars and Slider Set PSD

Finely detailed photo tools UI kit with peach palette bar, perfect slider and iconic tool bar. PSD

  • 4579times viewed
  • 459kupakuliwa

10 Crisp Safi Mtandao Icons Kuweka PSD

10 White web icons for your next design - simple and clean. PSD

  • 5504times viewed
  • 1429kupakuliwa

4 Shopping Bag Icons App Promo Set PSD

4 Promo app shopping bag icons for promoting your application in various online software stores — the Android Market, Mac App Store, Nokia Store, or Windows Phone Store. PSD

  • 4854times viewed
  • 628kupakuliwa

Perfect Mini Upload Widget PSD/CSS

Mini file upload process / upload app widget with icons for music, photos and video, a progress bar, and pixel perfect buttons. PSD and CSS/HTML.

  • 7542times viewed
  • 637kupakuliwa

4 Laini Textured Njia na RSS Icons iOS Kuweka PNG

4 Intricately detailed stitched leather RSS and Path iOS icons set in PNG (114px).

  • 7257times viewed
  • 485kupakuliwa

7 mraba Facebook News Feed Icons Kuweka PSD

7 New Facebook news feed icons set in PSD. (32×32 fully scalable to any size)

  • 9945times viewed
  • 3334kupakuliwa

48 Kipekee Drawn Vector Icons mchanganyiko Kuweka

48 Hand crafted vector icons - well balance and unique - in EPS, AI, PNG, PSD.

  • 6810times viewed
  • 1634kupakuliwa

15 Media Jamii Icons na vifungo Kuweka PSD / PNG

15 Stylish social networking buttons and icons set - five social sites with mini icon and rectangle Follow Us buttons in active and pressed states. PSD and PNG files.

  • 5861times viewed
  • 634kupakuliwa

36 yenye Media Jamii Icons pakiti PSD / PNG

36 Vivid color on black social networking icons set - featuring artist and music sites - in hover and normal states. PNG (32x32px) and PSD.

  • 5523times viewed
  • 743kupakuliwa

Sleek Blue Iconic Navigation Bar PSD

Blue navigation bar with inset icons and rollout submenu. PSD

  • 6323times viewed
  • 884kupakuliwa

Karibu Flat giza Mtandao UI vipengele Kit PSD

Dark flat UI elements pack with blue and peach effects - navigation, menus, tabs, call outs, social icons, search bars - PSD.

  • 7238times viewed
  • 1861kupakuliwa

132 Laini ya Kina mchanganyiko Glyph Icons pakiti PSD

132 Amazing detail 16px glyph icons pack in PSD (fully scalable to any size).

  • 6417times viewed
  • 1207kupakuliwa

Lookamore UI Kit kwa Programu ya Android PSD

Lookamore - finally a full UI kit especially dedicated to Android applications. Fields, navigation, buttons, player, slider, switches and social icons - PSD.

  • 6436times viewed
  • 1490kupakuliwa

168 Perfect 16 Pixel Glyph Mtandao Icons Kuweka PSD

Over 168 Finely crafted web UI multi-purpose icons pack in PSD. 16px (fully scalable to any size)

  • 9048times viewed
  • 1784kupakuliwa

40 Ndogo mchanganyiko Mtandao Vector Icons Kuweka

40 Well designed minimal mixed icons set - transport, computer, web, sports, tech, tools - all in vector Ai format.

  • 47218times viewed
  • 22512kupakuliwa

16 Round Popular Media Jamii Icons Kuweka

16 Crisp round social networking icons in vector EPS.

  • 6844times viewed
  • 1691kupakuliwa

4 Ecommerce Shopping Cart Icons Kuweka

4 White ecommerce shopping checkout icons in the shape of a basket - empty, full, remove and confirm - vector Ai set.

  • 6300times viewed
  • 1764kupakuliwa

6 Smooth Habari Hotuba Bubble Icons Kuweka

6 Colorful information speech bubbles set with impressed "i" in the center - vector Ai.

  • 6184times viewed
  • 1228kupakuliwa

9 Green Eco Friendly Vector Icons Kuweka

9 Round green eco icons set - recycle, leaf, butterfly, drop and more - vector Ai.