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Blue Sweep Abstract Vector Background

Curved lines abstract blue background in vector EPS.

  • 3076times viewed
  • 1312pobrany

6 Scrolling Decorative Floral Vector Ornaments Set

6 Beautiful vintage style floral decorative elements in EPS format.

  • 2662times viewed
  • 623pobrany

Torn Wall Paper Patterned Background

Elegant pattern torn paper vector background in EPS.

  • 3445times viewed
  • 768pobrany

Authentic Certificate of Achievement Award

Vintage style certificate of achievement document including some decorative flourishes - vector EPS.

  • 3611times viewed
  • 1265pobrany

Mixed Styles of Vector Wings

Large collection of vector wings in various styles for heraldry, tribal or logo designs - EPS format.

  • 2444times viewed
  • 660pobrany

9 Animal Print Nature Pattern Backgrounds Set

9 Natural camouflage animal print background set - wild cat, zebra, reptile - vector EPS set.

  • 2110times viewed
  • 464pobrany

Vivid Blue Floral Abstract Pattern Background

Dazzling floral pattern with envelope design vector AI background.

  • 2391times viewed
  • 883pobrany

Elegant Floral Lace Message Background

Vintage lace elegant background with framed center for text - vector AI format.

  • 2551times viewed
  • 1291pobrany

Lovely Floral Art Frame Background

Fashion floral art abstract frame background with subtle center pattern - EPS vector.

  • 2473times viewed
  • 540pobrany

Rich Vintage Paisley Pattern Background

Luxury vintage paisley floral pattern background in EPS vector and high resolution JPG 2598 x 2598px.

  • 2160times viewed
  • 747pobrany

Elegant Vintage Invitation Floral Background

Fine vintage floral card background with framed center feature for text - vector EPS.

  • 2852times viewed
  • 1054pobrany

Vector Borders and Corner Decorations Set

Ornate vintage vector borders and decorative corners in EPS format.

  • 2203times viewed
  • 1236pobrany

Red Brush Stroke Hand Painted Texture Background

High resolution red texture background, hand painted in Photoshop - JPG 4000 x 2667px.

  • 3352times viewed
  • 778pobrany

Green Natural Business Card Stationary Kit

Green organic and natural business card and stationary identity kit designed in vector AI and EPS.

  • 3167times viewed
  • 326pobrany

Professional Flyer Poster or Ad Vector Concept

Professional and clean, poster, ad or flyer design in editable EPS vector.

  • 2344times viewed
  • 346pobrany

5 Round Glossy Star Badges Vector Set

5 Round and glossy 5 Star badges set designed in editable vector shapes PSD.

  • 3481times viewed
  • 1205pobrany

Clean Business Card Stationary Design Templates

Here is a modern corporate feel for a business card and stationary set - card, letterhead and envelope - vector EPS design.

  • 3252times viewed
  • 1062pobrany

Black Business Stationary Design Vector Set

Business stationary design set with double sided business card, letterhead and envelope - vector EPS.

  • 2135times viewed
  • 340pobrany

2 Textured Custom Stickers or Labels Set

2 Custom stickers/labels with subtle texture, ribbon banner and editable text - PSD.

  • 3522times viewed
  • 1096pobrany

Editable Loyalty Reward Postcard Design

Pretty and bold "Loyalty Reward" postcard design that is fully editable in PSD.

  • 3545times viewed
  • 1059pobrany

Black White Business Card Template PSD

Black and white business card design with colorful twist - PSD template.

  • 3113times viewed
  • 775pobrany

No Logo Black Bold Business Card Template

Black and bold business card template that requires no logo - vector EPS.

  • 3166times viewed
  • 609pobrany

Abstract Shapes Business Card Templates

Futuristic, abstract shapes business card design - vector EPS format.

  • 3434times viewed
  • 974pobrany

24 Stylish Business Card Templates Set

24 Modern mixed business card templates set - Vector EPS file.

  • 2735times viewed
  • 1258pobrany

3 Colorful Frames Abstract Header/Banner Set

3 Colorful vector banners or headers with layered square frames with room for text. EPS file.

  • 2230times viewed
  • 590pobrany

4 Geometric Pattern Colorful Banners Set

4 Colorful web banners or headers with subtle diagonal geometric patterns - vector EPS.

  • 2234times viewed
  • 532pobrany

3 Cartoon Bird Floral Vector Banners Set

3 Vector floral banners with scalloped edge and cute little birds - EPS file.

  • 1944times viewed
  • 579pobrany

3 Elegant Vintage Vertical Banners Vector Set

3 Patterned vertical vintage banners with crowns and golden effects - vector EPS set.

  • 2393times viewed
  • 626pobrany

3 Squared Dots Abstract Web Banners Set

3 Modern web banners or headers with abstract squared dots - vector EPS set.

  • 2568times viewed
  • 1129pobrany

3 Blue Wave Line Radial Abstract Banners Set

3 Sun rays vector banners with blue wave abstract line - EPS set.

  • 2579times viewed
  • 748pobrany

10 Streamer Ribbon UI Banners Set

10 Red and gold promotional ribbon banners set in vector EPS.

  • 2567times viewed
  • 326pobrany

Mini Twitter Social Profile Widget

Mini Twitter social card to record your tweets and followers - PSD.

  • 2521times viewed
  • 275pobrany

12 Popular Social Media Icons Set

12 Colorful flat social networking icons set including medium, rdio, twitter, vine, yahoo, and pinterest - PSD.

  • 2890times viewed
  • 512pobrany

47 Creative Cartoon Style Flat Icons Set

47 Creative and colorful flat icons set to spice up your designs - PSD.

  • 2779times viewed
  • 349pobrany

18 Small Colorful Mixed Flat Icons Set

18 Colorful flat mixed icons set in PSD

  • 2994times viewed
  • 482pobrany

Flat Metro Web UI Elements Kit

Fresh flat Metro style UI elements kit - weather widget, calendar, video player, search, profile, contact list, signin, infographics, menu - PSD.

  • 2557times viewed
  • 217pobrany

Perfect Mail Popup Widget App Interface

Pixel perfect little mail popup app widget to check your latest mail - PSD.

  • 2412times viewed
  • 405pobrany

13 Colorful Credit Card Payment Icons Set

13 Credicons - credit card payment buttons for your e-commerce site - PSD.

  • 2627times viewed
  • 267pobrany

Colorful Flat Metro Web UI Elements Kit

Metro style flat UI elements kit in colorful tones - menu header, login, timer, graph, square icons set, calendar - PSD.

  • 2612times viewed
  • 306pobrany

20 Thin Outline Simple Web Icons Set

20 Skinny outline simple icons set created in PSD.

  • 2341times viewed
  • 210pobrany

30 Simple Circle Outline Icons Set

30 Minimal circle line/outline icons set in PSD.

  • 2618times viewed
  • 428pobrany

70 Clean Flat Web Icons Pack

70 White flat UI icons set - clean and simple - PSD.

  • 3848times viewed
  • 587pobrany

16 Blue Tone Grunge Style Tileable Patterns

16 Amazing grunge patterns set - tileable in blue and cream tones - high resolution JPG.

  • 3757times viewed
  • 803pobrany

10 Tileable Grunge Blue/Cream Patterns Set

Grungy and faded blue and cream tone tileable patterns - floral, abstract and checked - high resolution JPG.

  • 3307times viewed
  • 819pobrany

10 Grungy Faded Cream Tileable Patterns Set

10 Grungy and faded cream tone patterns set - checked, squares and mosaic - high resolution JPG 1024x1024px.

  • 2658times viewed
  • 301pobrany

42 Flat Circle Social Media Icons Set

42 Flat circular social networking icons pack - PNG and vector SVG. (to customize size, color or shape go to author's site icon generator)

  • 2132times viewed
  • 233pobrany

Fancy Green Web UI Elements Kit

Green web UI elements kit with inset styling - navigation, search, fav, grid view, volume control, slider, progress bar, weather widget, day calendar, flipper clock, settings dropdown, tooltip, star rating, toggles - PSD.

  • 3190times viewed
  • 206pobrany

Flat Twitter UI Redesign Social Elements

Fresh and new Twitter 2 column redesign created with flat, UI elements in PSD.

  • 3180times viewed
  • 273pobrany

4 Dribbble Preview Mockup Pages

Dribbble mockup for previewing what your next shot will look like on your personal page. Enclosed are 4 pages: Profile, Shot Detail, Shot Detail 2x, and Popular. PSD

  • 3578times viewed
  • 1002pobrany

6 Realistic Round Web Icons Set

6 Very realistic round icons - a clock, compass, donut, dart board, life preserver and a dribbble bottle cap. PSD