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Attractive Twitter Profile Widget PSD

A useful little Twitter profile widget - profile image, username, follower/tweet details, and an appealing call-to-action button. PSD and CSS/HTML files.

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3 Beautiful Round BUY Buttons Set PSD

3 Perfectly crafted circle BUY buttons set in red, green and blue - PSD.

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Cool Coded Image Zoom Hover CSS

Fun CSS effect to help show more information over your images. Just hover over a graphic for an extra CSS effect - beautiful, subtle, coded and ready to go!

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4 App Screen Showcase Mockups Set PSD

4 Fabulous styles to showcase your apps - screen mockups to present your applications in a unique way - PSD set.

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Blue Flat Metro UI Elements Kit PSD

Metro style blue flat web UI elements kit - Our Metro UI PSD set contains: Tabs, Navigations, Dropdowns, Social buttons, Sliders, Paginations, Video player, Shopping cart, Calendars, Icons, Progress bars, Login Form, Buttons - PSD.

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Modern Infographic UI Templates Set PSD

Organized eye catching Infographic elements set - diagrams, area charts, line charts, pie charts, column and bar charts. PSD

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2 Coming Soon Page Templates Set PSD

2 Professional Coming Soon Templates - leather and wood designs - PSD.

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Crisp Blue Mobile UI Elements Kit PSD

Finely crafted mobile UI elements - labels, buttons, progress bars, notifications, select boxes, radio buttons, player - vector shapes PSD.

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40+ Maps UI Elements Kit PSD

Over 40 attractive map UI elements - unique map pins, 3D folded map, location popup, zoom slider, bubble icons, buttons and tags - PSD.

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78 Incredible Food Theme Flat Icons Pack PSD

78 Pixel perfect food theme icons in a flat style - includes kitchen utensils, glasses, pots, fruits, vegetables, and all types of food. PSD

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Cool Track City iPhone Wallpaper JPG

3D City with track iPhone wallpaper background in high resolution JPG.

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104 Colorful Mixed Circle Icons Set PNG

104 Bright circle icons collection - social, pool balls, favs, hearts, alerts, game balls, CD, power buttons, refresh, emoticons and more - PNG 32x32px.

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3 Incredible Graphic Tools Icons Set PSD

3 Graphic tools icons created in an original style - PSD.

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Colorful Super Nintendo Wallpaper JPG

High resolution Super Nintendo game wallpaper background in JPG 3509x2070px

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Black NGP Sony Playstation Icon PSD

Realistic NGP Portable Sony Playstation icon in PSD.

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Realistic Canon Camera Icon PSD

Black Canon camera icon with iridescent lens - PSD.

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2 Retro SNES Super Nintendo Controllers Set

2 Game controller icons for Super Nintendo with cut cords - PSD.

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Immaculate Black Nikon Coolpix Camera PSD

Realistic black and shiny Nikon Coolpix camera illustration in PSD.

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Amazing Skype UI Redesign for Mac PSD

Detailed Skype remake interface design with contacts, iconic bar, comments, search field and necessary buttons - PSD.

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3 Dark Waterdrop iPhone Backgrounds Set

3 Water rain drops dark backgrounds for iPhone in high resolution JPG.

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4 Gradient Colors iPad iPhone Backgrounds Set

4 Beautiful gradient backgrounds - one rainbow - for iPad and iPhone. JPG

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Skype Call & Facebook Twitter Share Freebie PSD

Hey guys! Here is my fourth Freebie. It includes most of the commonly used item on webpages, so feel free to download and use it for free. The source is included (PSD). Hope you enjoy, please rate and comment !

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Twitter Profile Freebie PSD

Hey guys! Here is my third Freebie. It includes most of the commonly used item on webpages, so feel free to download and use it for free. The source is included (PSD). Hope you enjoy, please rate and comment !

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tsinos Agapios www.tsinos.gr

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chair berlin

metal chair from Tsinos Agapios www.tsinos.gr

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12 Rhombus Adobe programmas ikonas Set PSD

12 Colorful Adobe programs and social icons in a rhombus shape - PSD.

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Douban.fm Radio Player Widget PSD

Asas meklē Douban.fm radio atskaņotājs widget ar vienkāršu tīru ikonas un kontroli. PSD

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Izsmalcinātu Dzīvoklis Polaris UI elementi Kit PSD

Artfully crafted Polaris - a flat web ui elements kit: buttons, Metro icons, navigation, tooltip, mini video player on display shelf, album with CD, toggles, switches, check boxes, image slider, equalizer, like icon, pagination, sliders, control knob - PSD.

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Skaists Dzīvoklis Square UI elementi Kit PSD

Flat "Square" UI elements kit - header, search field, calendar, buttons, admin dashboard, buttons, dropdown, vertical menu, color chart, thumbnail slider, weather icon, social widget, mail app, product box, flip up menu, toolbar, map, tooltip, player - PSD.

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9 Tīklene Google Drive Ikonas Setu PSD

9 Flat retina-size Google Drive icons set in PSD.

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2 Amazing iPhone 5 maketu veidnes iestatīšana

White or black iPhone 5 mockup in 3D for showcasing apps. PSD set

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Balts Navigācijas poga ar ikonām Izvēlne PSD

Cool white navigation knob stopping at circular icon buttons with blue active state. PSD

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5 Flat populārākajām pārlūkprogrammām ikonas Set PSD

5 flat icons of the most popular browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera). PSD

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Jauns Dzīvoklis Spotify iOS App pārtaisīt Uzstādīt PSD

New ideas for remake of a flat Spotify iOS app in PSD.

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Stilīgs Dzīvoklis Tiešsaistes mūzikas atskaņotājs PSD

Flat online music player with download button, fav, large image with progress play button - PSD.

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12 Crisp Flat Krāsains ikonas Set PSD

12 Beautifully crafted flat icons set - PSD.

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iGravity Screen slāņi ietekme PSD

Create a iGravity effect by combining up to 4 screens in a single shot - edit the smart object to include your 640 x 1136px screen and change the background colour to what you like. 4 PSD files

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24 Cool Flat Web Ikonas komplekts PSD

24 Mixed flat icons set - some for programs, maps, graphs, tools, social, clock, calendar, notes, mail, camera - PSD.

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Vienkārša Dzīvoklis Kalendārs Widget PSD

Sweet and simple flat calendar widget in PSD.

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YouTube Style Menu Effect CSS / HTML

Just like YouTube - a little menu icon slides to the right side to show some menu item list beneath. CSS/HTML (see authors site for tutorial)

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Atsaucīgs Dizaineris Sāknēšanas faila veidnes iestatīšana

For all you designers, photographers and graphics artists, here is a free Responsive Bootstrap template you can actually transform into your desired website. (Gallery, Blog, Accordion Slider, Contact Form) - flexible in all browsers and screen sizes. CSS/HTML/JS

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Flat Apple ierīces ikonas Set PSD

Flat Apple device icons set - iPhone, MacBook, iPad, iMac, iPad mini - PSD.

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Flat Macbook Air ierīces ikonas Set PSD

Flat Apple devices icons - Macbook Air and monitor - PSD.

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9 Amazing Flat Krāsains ikonas Set PSD

9 Colorful flat icons set - iPhone, mail, camera, notes, zoom, lock, profile, map, rocket - PSD.

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9 visaugstākais Flat ikonas Set PSD

9 Incredible flat icons set - mail, browser, calendar, clock, gallery, paper, cloud - PSD.

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15 simbols Glifs Icons Set PSD / CSS

15 Business or office glyph icons set in PSD and CSS.

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2 Quirky 3D Čats Burbuļi Uzstādīt PSD

2 Fun and colorful 3D chat bubbles or dialogue boxes in blue and purple tones - PSD.

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28 ieskicēts Social Media Ikonas komplekts CSS / HTML

28 Sketched CSS-font social networking icons set in CSS/HTML.

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Creative Smooth Page Transitions Collection CSS

Here is a unique and smooth manner for making page transitions - a collection from simple slider pages to 3D transforms and use of perspective - in different color variations. CSS/HTML (see authors site for HTML instructions)

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24 Thin Stroke Web Ikonas komplekts PSD

24 Simplistic web icons done with a thin stroke - PSD.