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2 Colorful Abstract Business Cards Set

2 Colorful circles with paint stroke abstract business cards vector set in EPS.

  • 5330times viewed
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Retro Camera Floral Vector Card Design

Cheerful floral card with camera and bird saying Hello - vector EPS.

  • 5277times viewed
  • 492downloaded

Deep Blue Space Abstract Background

Dark blue space with light streams abstract background in vector EPS.

  • 4630times viewed
  • 873downloaded

Grass and Sky Bokeh Abstract Background

Blue green skies and grass blurred bokeh abstract background in vector EPS.

  • 6766times viewed
  • 856downloaded

Blue Hand Drawn Floral Pattern Background

Blue hand painted summer floral abstract pattern background in EPS vector.

  • 4280times viewed
  • 689downloaded

Fantasy Floral Abstract Background

Blue bubbles, wavy lines and roses fantasy abstract background in vector EPS.

  • 4295times viewed
  • 680downloaded

Futuristic Digital Abstract Background

Digital design 3D abstract blue background in vector EPS.

  • 5132times viewed
  • 789downloaded

Simple Blue Green Abstract Wave Background

Blue and green tone abstract with gentle wave lines - vector EPS background.

  • 4890times viewed
  • 774downloaded

Colorful Curves Grid Abstract Background

Abstract web-like curves grid with muted blue/green background - vector EPS.

  • 7332times viewed
  • 1875downloaded

14 Beautiful Floral Design Elements Vector Set

14 Scrolling floral decorative elements set in vector EPS.

  • 9939times viewed
  • 1280downloaded

Clean Green Design Website Template PSD

Minimal "Green Design" three column website with large image header - PSD.

  • 4956times viewed
  • 276downloaded

Dark Futuristic Mini Music Player PSD

Dark mini music player with current track, album artwork, slider with metal knob, and playback controls - PSD.

  • 6369times viewed
  • 940downloaded

Realistic School Blackboard Graphic PSD

Just like the school days ol' green blackboard with detailed wooden frame, chalk and even the brackets fixing it to the wall - PSD graphic.

  • 5463times viewed
  • 596downloaded

Cool Chat App Mockup for iPhone PSD

Blue iPhone chat app mockup with UI elements required for a messages app and a custom keyboard - PSD.

  • 4035times viewed
  • 389downloaded

Blue Mini Tooltip Iconic Menu PSD

Rounded corner blue tooltip menu with popout submenu - PSD.

  • 3842times viewed
  • 287downloaded

3 Dark Handsome Web UI Sliders Set

3 Dark defined UI sliders set with unique notched control knobs - PSD.

  • 4175times viewed
  • 512downloaded

Snazzy White UI Elements Kit PSD

Modern white UI elements with orange/green effects - slider, circular progress knob, on/off switches, rectangle toggles, toolbar - PSD.

  • 5057times viewed
  • 529downloaded

Elegant Minimal Profile Widget PSD

Elegant and uncluttered profile widget featuring a circular image, name details and + sign in corner for more information. PSD

  • 4475times viewed
  • 250downloaded

Simple Mini Music Player Interface PSD

Sweet and simple mini music player with progress bar and player buttons. PSD

  • 4896times viewed
  • 392downloaded

Dark Download Popover Widget PSD

Dark download popup widget showing open and zipped files, progress bar, view and delete buttons and trash icon. PSD

  • 4645times viewed
  • 450downloaded

2 Finely Textured Notification Box Interface Set

2 Textured notification boxes with input field for email and send button - red and yellow - PSD.

  • 5124times viewed
  • 399downloaded

Amazing iPhone 5 Camera App Interface PSD

Finely detailed iPhone 5 camera app with circular image area and exquisite buttons - PSD.

  • 5746times viewed
  • 794downloaded

Immaculate Blue iOS Facebook Social Icon

Beautifully crafted blue gradient iOS Facebook social networking icon in PSD.

  • 5546times viewed
  • 398downloaded

Dark iPhone UI Elements Set PSD

Dark dark iPhone UI elements set - iconic bar with active state and counter, header bar with map and settings icons, glossy metal on/off switches and toggles set - PSD.

  • 6634times viewed
  • 338downloaded

Retro USSR Hexagon Loudspeaker Icon PSD

Retro design USSR hexagon shape loudspeaker made in vector PSD.

  • 9151times viewed
  • 1188downloaded

25 Flat Colorful Social Media Icons Set PSD

25 Simple and colorful social networking icons pack in PSD.

  • 5470times viewed
  • 192downloaded

12 Payment Credit Card Icons Set PSD

4 different Credit Card payment icons set in 3 styles - Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover - PSD.

  • 4743times viewed
  • 313downloaded

Stylish iOS Web Elements Set PSD

Smart looking dark iOS UI elements set - message box, speech bubbles, camera button, input field, send button, settings button - PSD.

  • 4343times viewed
  • 412downloaded

4 Attractive Social Signin Buttons Set PSD

4 Social signin buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google + in PSD.

  • 4952times viewed
  • 320downloaded

Dark Eun Web UI Elements Kit PSD

Dark web UI elements kit - navigation menu, toggle switches, check boxes, slider, selector bar, dropdown, radio buttons - PSD. Several dark backgrounds included; this UI set is intended to function with many different types of dark or textured backgrounds without having to be altered.

  • 5710times viewed
  • 357downloaded

Perfect Pixel White Camera and Cam Icons Set PSD

Finely detailed pixel camera and cam icons set in PSD - 32x32px and 64x64px.

  • 5057times viewed
  • 366downloaded

Thumbnail iPhone UI Elements Set PSD

Quality made iPhone UI elements with blue header bar and boxes with thumbnail photo images - PSD.

  • 5669times viewed
  • 225downloaded

Crisp Yellow Web UI Glyph Icons Set PSD

Precision crafted yellow Glyph icons set in PSD.

  • 5722times viewed
  • 568downloaded

Recycled Paper Web UI Elements Kit PSD

UI elements set in browns and caramel tones (or recycled paper:) - settings bar, slider, toggles and buttons - PSD.

  • 4602times viewed
  • 463downloaded

Attractive Twitter Profile Widget PSD

A useful little Twitter profile widget - profile image, username, follower/tweet details, and an appealing call-to-action button. PSD and CSS/HTML files.

  • 5793times viewed
  • 492downloaded

3 Beautiful Round BUY Buttons Set PSD

3 Perfectly crafted circle BUY buttons set in red, green and blue - PSD.

  • 6381times viewed
  • 355downloaded

Cool Coded Image Zoom Hover CSS

Fun CSS effect to help show more information over your images. Just hover over a graphic for an extra CSS effect - beautiful, subtle, coded and ready to go!

  • 6982times viewed
  • 1051downloaded

4 App Screen Showcase Mockups Set PSD

4 Fabulous styles to showcase your apps - screen mockups to present your applications in a unique way - PSD set.

  • 6556times viewed
  • 621downloaded

Blue Flat Metro UI Elements Kit PSD

Metro style blue flat web UI elements kit - Our Metro UI PSD set contains: Tabs, Navigations, Dropdowns, Social buttons, Sliders, Paginations, Video player, Shopping cart, Calendars, Icons, Progress bars, Login Form, Buttons - PSD.

  • 6051times viewed
  • 1010downloaded

Modern Infographic UI Templates Set PSD

Organized eye catching Infographic elements set - diagrams, area charts, line charts, pie charts, column and bar charts. PSD

  • 6594times viewed
  • 443downloaded

2 Coming Soon Page Templates Set PSD

2 Professional Coming Soon Templates - leather and wood designs - PSD.

  • 6308times viewed
  • 693downloaded

Crisp Blue Mobile UI Elements Kit PSD

Finely crafted mobile UI elements - labels, buttons, progress bars, notifications, select boxes, radio buttons, player - vector shapes PSD.

  • 5630times viewed
  • 1268downloaded

40+ Maps UI Elements Kit PSD

Over 40 attractive map UI elements - unique map pins, 3D folded map, location popup, zoom slider, bubble icons, buttons and tags - PSD.

  • 7527times viewed
  • 736downloaded

78 Incredible Food Theme Flat Icons Pack PSD

78 Pixel perfect food theme icons in a flat style - includes kitchen utensils, glasses, pots, fruits, vegetables, and all types of food. PSD

  • 5165times viewed
  • 437downloaded

Cool Track City iPhone Wallpaper JPG

3D City with track iPhone wallpaper background in high resolution JPG.

  • 6429times viewed
  • 360downloaded

104 Colorful Mixed Circle Icons Set PNG

104 Bright circle icons collection - social, pool balls, favs, hearts, alerts, game balls, CD, power buttons, refresh, emoticons and more - PNG 32x32px.

  • 5746times viewed
  • 406downloaded

3 Incredible Graphic Tools Icons Set PSD

3 Graphic tools icons created in an original style - PSD.

  • 6269times viewed
  • 1181downloaded

Colorful Super Nintendo Wallpaper JPG

High resolution Super Nintendo game wallpaper background in JPG 3509x2070px

  • 5182times viewed
  • 304downloaded

Black NGP Sony Playstation Icon PSD

Realistic NGP Portable Sony Playstation icon in PSD.

  • 7059times viewed
  • 809downloaded

Realistic Canon Camera Icon PSD

Black Canon camera icon with iridescent lens - PSD.