შესვლა შესვლა
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3 Crisp ფერადი ფანქარი ილუსტრაციები უცნობია

3 Colorful detailed pencil icons with erasers - vector EPS.

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Grunge Green Special Sale Offer Vector Tag

Green სპეციალური შეთავაზება stitched tag ერთად splatter grunge ეფექტი - ვექტორი EPS.

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Digital Tablet Showcase Vector Display

Set of Tablet devices with bokeh background in vector EPS.

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Shiny iOS DVD Cake Icon PSD

Blue and shiny iOS DVD cake icon in PSD.

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4 Impressed Social Media Icons Set PSD

4 Fabulous rounded social networking icons with impressed white logo - Facebook, RSS, Twitter and Google - PSD.

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Dark Retina iOS On/Off Toggle Switches PSD

Pixel perfect dark toggle switches with on/off feature - textured background and blue illuminated active state - PSD.

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Dark App Loading Bar PSD

Dark loading widget with colorful bar and Mac OS X caption buttons - PSD.

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Perfect Music Player App UI Elements PSD

Sharp looking music player app elements - orange header bar, album name and cover search box and dark player controls bar - PSD.

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Futuristic iPhone App New Navigation PSd

Novel approach to iPhone navigation - vertical step-style circle buttons with avatar and stacked paper photos - PSD.

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Transparent Mini Dropdown Interface PSD

Mini blue transparent dropdown menu button in PSD.

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Sweet Calendar App Template PSD

Detailed calendar app with dropdown events and day, week, month button - PSD.

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Detailed White iPhone 5 Mockup Template PSD

White iPhone 5 mockup for showcasing apps and design work - PSD.

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Cool Profile Animation Interface PSD

Modern profile animation with PSD and MP4 view - name, hexagon photo and social links. PSD

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Crisp Weather Dashboard Widget PSD

Smart looking weather dashboard with image, temperature, forecast and graph - PSD.

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Clean Metro Web UI Elements Set PSD

Sweet Metro flat UI elements - profile widget with menu, social icons, sale ribbons, weather widget, iconic toolbar - PSD.

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Modern App Login Screen Interface PSD

Sleek flat app login screen with options to sign in through Facebook or Twitter. PSD

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24 High Quality 3D Weapon Renders Set PNG

26 Highly detailed 3D renders of military weapons and artillery - 2500x2500px resolution PNG.

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Grey Washed Wall Texture Pattern Background

Medium dark grey texture pattern with the look of linen - subtle PNG background.

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Grey Subtle Textured Paper Background

Subtle grey textured paper pattern background in PNG - seamless and tileable.

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Simple Subtle Light Pattern Background

PS Neutral subtle light grey pattern background in tileable PNG.

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Subtle Wave Grid Pattern Background

Light and subtle grey grid pattern - a bit like fabric weave - tileable and seamless background in PNG.

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Binding Dark Subtle Pattern Background

Binding dark subtle pattern great as-is, or you can tone it down even more - PNG tileable background.

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Subtle Intricate Fabric-Like Pattern Background

Binding light grey subtle pattern a bit like fabric - tileable PNG background.

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Lined Cubes Subtle Light Pattern Background

Subtle grey pattern with horizontal and vertical lines making cubes or squares - PNG background.

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Crazy Ticks Subtle Grey Pattern Background

This way and that way Ticks pattern subtle background in tileable PNG.

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Light Cream Pixels Pattern Background

Subtle light tone grey pixels pattern background in PNG - tileable and repeatable.

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Subtle Grey Wall Texture Pattern Background

Soft grey pattern with textured finish - looks like fine leather or textured wall - PNG background.

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Tileable White Brick Wall Pattern Background

Subtle and simple white brick wall pattern in tileable PNG.

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Subtle Noise White Wall Texture Background PNG

Subtle textured white wall background pattern in PNG file. (ideal for small areas as you can see it repeat)

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Fine Grey Tweed Pattern Background PNG

Finely detailed Tweed pattern for rich textured background - PNG in 2 size variations.

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Perfect Page & Business Card Stationary Mockup

Set of stationary mockup templates - for letter page and business card - PSD.

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Stellar Mini vCard Widget Interface PSD/CSS

Smooth and simple mini vCard UI with tabbed menu - one for a short bio, one for work examples, and another for a contact form. Social tabs can be added to the sidebar. PSD and CSS/HTML formats.

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Professional Resume Website Template PSD

Finely crafted website resume with three sections - personal details with avatar, experience and about me - PSD.

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280 Slim Simple iOS7 Icons Vector Pack

280 Slimmer and simpler iOS7 icons pack in vector Ai and EPS as well as PNG (8 size variations).

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1000+ Windows 8 Metro Icons Pack 2 PNG

Over 1000 Windows 8 Metro icons collection - pack 2 - in PNG (7 size variations). For free font file see authors site.

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  • 868გადმოწერილი

Over 1000 Metro Windows 8 Icons Pack 1 PNG

1000+ Free Metro Windows 8 icons collection in PNG (7 size variations) Includes Font file. See Authors site for EPS version.

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Stunning YouTube Preview Player Redesign PSD

Presenting a redesigned YouTube preview that avoids going to a new loading page when user loads a video and not having to leave search results or getting lost in the app. PSD

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Amazing Flat Pop Songs Music Player Interface

Composite Pop Songs flat music player that gives you features like a graph and billboard - PSD.

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Smooth Simple Music Player Interface PSD

White minimal music player with raised green progress bar - PSD.

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საბოლოო CSS Tool საიტის დიზაინერების

Not actually a download but a link to CSSmatic - an incredible tool for designers to create CSS gradients, border radius shapes, noise textures and box shadows. Site URL enclosed in ZIP.

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eCommerce პროდუქტის საქონელი hover ეფექტი სოციალურ მეცნიერებათა ცენტრი

Amazing hover effect for product items made with both CSS and Javascript - raises up "buy now" info and will roll out a mini menu - CSS snippet.

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შესანიშნავად დიზაინი მეტეოზე Gauge PSD

Pixel perfect with subtle shadows Meteo hygrometer gauge with crisp Arabic numerals and minute hatch marks along with a green needle - PSD.

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50 თეთრი მინი Glyph ხატები პაკეტის PSD

50 Tiny white web glyph icons set designed in pixel perfect detail - PSD.

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2 ზემოთ მუქი წაგრძელებული კონცენტრატორები უცნობია PSD

2 Dark long UI switches set with glow light in blue and red for active state. PSD

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170 საოცარი ზუსტი Glyph ხატები პაკეტის PSD

170 Finely detailed professional glyph icons pack with subtle grey gradients - PSD.

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Crisp თეთრი ვებ UI ელემენტები უცნობია PSD

White finely detailed UI elements set - twin buttons with pressed state, on/off toggles with orange effects, and an oval subtle search field - PSD.

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Sweet ნატიფი ლურჯი ვებ UI ელემენტები ნაკრები PSD

Blue well-designed UI elements Kit - rectangle and rounded buttons in 3 states, tags, control buttons, toggle, deluxe search bar, volume control, radio buttons, check boxes, slider, progress bar and navigation bar - PSD.

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60 თეთრი ვებ Glyph Faticons პაკეტი PSD

60 White glyph Faticons pack - 30 solid and 30 line icons - in a simple, clear PSD design.

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მინის მსგავსი მუსიკა Player ინტერფეისის PSD

Futuristic style transparent music player with album artwork, progress bar and playback controls. PSD

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2 პლასტიკური სტილი ვებ UI Buttons უცნობია PSD

Blue and pink plastic buttons set with glossy overlay - PSD.