შესვლა შესვლა
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IMX Resume CV One Page Website

Professional, easy to navigate personal resume or CV - introduction slider, video, skills, history, portfolio, clients, blog, and contact me. PSD

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Online Store UI Elements Kit

Professional online store ecommerce UI elements - login, shopping cart, product boxes, and collections. PSD

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Web UI Buttons Pack

Modern and sophisticated web UI buttons pack with larger download style buttons and smaller menu and close buttons. PSD

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10 Minimal Gamification Icons Set

10 Sharp looking line icons for gaming - PSD.

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6 Flat Round Flag Icons

6 Unique round and flat world flag icons set - Russia, Korea, USA, Germany, Japan, China - PSD.

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Menu Restaurant One Page Template

Menu - Awesome one page restaurant website with gallery views and tabbed image slider. PSD

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Instant Conversation Message Apps

Keep the conversation going with this version of messaging - Instant Conversation V1 and 2. With popout and slider. PSD

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9 Sleek Vector Ribbons Set

Modern and simplistic UI ribbons in different styles and colors. PSD vector

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Checklist with Slider Notepad

Handsome checklist with lines, check marks and slider to advance down the list. Cool wood background with long shadows. PSD

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Android Lollipop 5 Time Picker

Clean, flat Android Lollipop 5 time picker in PSD.

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Stamp Icons Set

Wonderful original Stamp icons set for your use in your projects. Includes 20 most popular social media icons on the web.

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Pink Ink Icons Set

Show your social accounts with a style! Use Pink Ink Icons Set for your projects. Includes 20 most popular social media icons on the web.

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Neon Social Icons Set

Neon Social Icons Set easy to use with all web design. Includes 20 most popular social media icons on the web.

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7 Apple Watch Mockup Set

Detailed Apple watch mockup set with front view and 7 model designs. Vector shapes PSD.

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15 Minimal Vector Web Icons Set

15 Simple line web icons set in vector AI and PSD.

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112 Scalable Vector Icons Pack

112 Finely designed fully scalable vector icons in PSD, SVG and EPS. Includes font file.

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Apple Smart Watch Mockup

Sleek Apple watch mockup with black and white variations. PSD

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Light Music Player with Album

Unique circular light music player over album - PSD.

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Safari iOS Browser Icon

Unique Safari iOS browser icon - looks like marble - PSD.

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Profile Portfolio UI Design

Clean profile portfolio UI design for smartphone app. Includes: Avatar, About, Portfolio, Contact and Skills

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9 Showy Shopping Cart Icons Set

9 E-commerce shopping cart icons - 3 styles in 3 color variations. Easy to customize in PSD.

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3 Twitter Social Media Icons Set

3 Styles of blue Twitter social networking icons - round, square and bird only. PSD

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11 Payment Gateway Icons Set

11 Popular payment gateway icons set created in PSD.

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Minimal Login Form

Elegant login form with input fields for user name and password as well as a big red submit button. PSD

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4 Social Media Buttons Set

4 Small social media buttons - excellent for a footer or sidebar - PSD.

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2 Live Chat Buttons Offline Online

Set of Live Chat buttons with avatar showing online or offline activity. PSD

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60 Round Control Validation Buttons

Set of 60 call to action buttons in rounded shapes and various colors. PSD

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Social Bubble Buttons Follow Me

Set of 6 Follow me social media buttons in bubble shape. PSD

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Creative Business Cards Template Set

Set of creative abstract business cards - front and back - in green and orange variations. Print ready, 300 DPI, CMYK, font included.

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5 Classic Social Media Icons Set

A set of 5 classic social networking icons with share / tag buttons. RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Dribbble.

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3D Software Box Set Mockup

Professional 3D software boxset mockup to showcase your product - PSD.

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Flow Business Card Templates Set

Clean, simple business card set - front and back - in three color choices. Fully Layered PSD files Fully Customizable and Editable CMYK Setting 300 DPI 3.5” x 2” Print Ready Font Used: Arial, AlternateGothic2 BT (Available in zip file)

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iPro Consulting Business Cards Set

Professional consulting business cards set - front and back - CMYK 300 DPI High Resolution Fully Layered PSD files Fully editable Print Ready Format Font used: Exo

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60 Web Line Icons Vector Pack

60 Distinctive line icons pack designed in vector Ai, EPS and PSD.

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Part 11 - Edge UI Kit - Widgets

Edge UI kit - part 11 - widgets. Weather, social, categories, latest activity, pool, Twitter, Instagram, subscribe, share...

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Part 9 - Edge UI Kit - Navigation

Edge UI kit - part 9 - navigation includes: menus, side menus, dropdowns, header, navigation, notification, social icons, tabbed box, toolbar. PSD

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Part 8 Edge UI Kit - Multi-Media

Selection of Edge UI elements - part 8 - multi-media. Video player, music player, artists, playlist, albums...

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Part 7 Edge UI Kit - Headers

Edge UI kit - part 7 - headers. Image sliders, thumbnails, video player, and more.

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Part 6 Edge UI Kit - Forms

Edge UI kit - part 7 - Forms. Input forms, contact forms, sign-up and login, message, payment shipping and order forms.

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Part 5 Edge UI Kit - Footer

Edge UI Kit part 5 includes the footer, contact info, social icons, google map, signup form, product lists...

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Edge UI Kit - Part 4 - Ecommerce

Large e-commerce UI collection - checkout, product boxes, shopping cart, image slider, gallery, side menu, price selector, headers, signup...

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Edge UI Kit - Part 3 - Charts

Part of the Edge UI elements kit - part 3 - Charts. Graphs and charts, progress bars, infographics, and more. PSD

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Edge UI Kit - Part 2 - Blog

Edge UI Kit - big collection of UI elements - part 2 Blog. PSD

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100+ Minimal Line Vector Icons

Over 100 simple line icons designed in Illustrator - files included are SVG, PNG, PSD, SKETCH, PDF, EPS.

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8 Minimal Loop Preloaders Set

8 Fine line loop preloaders and animations set. Layered sequence with timeline. PSD and vector AI and EPS.

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Hover Tooltip Styles & Effects Set

Set of hover tooltips and effects using CSS transforms, border-radius and SVG shapes.

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FAQ Template Page CSS

This FAQ template is easy to customize with category side menu and drop downs. HTML/CSS

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Infographic Dashboard CS6

Clean infographic dashboard with line graphs, progress boxes, navigation and sidebar menus. PSD

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Minimal iPhone Mockup Black & White

Clean set of iPhone 6 mockups in black and white versions - PSD.

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3 Apple Watch Flat Mockups

3 Flat style Apple watch mockups in analog, digital and sport editions. PSD