შესვლა შესვლა
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2 Practical PSD Grid Templates

2 Useful PSD grids for designing website templates - 960 and 1200 pixel grids.

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70 Freecons Mini Glyph Icons Pack

70 Freecon - glyph icons pack in pictogram style. PSD

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Flat Facebook Artist Page Concept

Here is a flat Facebook concept for featuring artists in full screen view. PSD

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Sir Trevor JS Inline Editor

Sir Trevor is rich content editing entirely re-imagined for the web. It is an intuitive editor for web content which does not presuppose anything about how it will be rendered. It is used on a national broadcast news site serving millions of users.

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iOS7 Clean Circle UI Concept

Here is an alternative iOS7 UI concept with clean circle, flat style - colourful and fresh - PSD.

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iOS7 Events Concept App Interface

Introducing an event app concept for iOS7 which includes maps pinpointing location. PSD

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Dark Monitor Mockup Design

Dark and dramatic aluminium monitor mockup for showcasing your work - PSD file.

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Slidr JS Library for Slide Transitions

Slidr.js is a simple, lightweight javascript library for adding slide transitions to your webpage. No dependencies required.

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Data UI Line and Bar Graph

Sleek line and bar graph for measuring useful data - date, page views, day, week, month - PSD.

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3 Flat iPhone 5S Mockups

Flat white iPhone 5S mockups from 3 different angles - PSD.

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Facebook Timeline Personal

My First upload, heee.....

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9 Flat Colorful Desktop Icons Set

9 Flat colorful desktop icons set - clock, mail, notes, calendar, pics, cloud, docs - modern metro style. PSD

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White Round On/Off Power Button

Smooth and detailed white round on/off button with 3D shading. PSD

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Dark Flipper Countdown Interface

Dark detailed flipper countdown for your grand opening website - complete with days, hours and minutes. PSD

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Dark Web UI Elements Kit

Dark them UI elements kit - buttons, tags, switches, check boxes, radio buttons, star rating, progress bar, buttons - PSD.

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White Stacked Paper Login Form

Clean white login form on stacked paper with avatar frame - PSD.

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Round Radar Screen Icon

Creative round icon with radar screen center - PSD.

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Pixel Selector Slider Interface

Measure pixels with this crisp easy to read selector slider in PSD.

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12 Flat Minimal Credit Card Icons Set

12 Credit card payment icons in minimal flat style - PSD.

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Unique Admin Panel Login Form

Minimal yet bold with small text and orange buttons, this login form is really clean and eye catching. PSD

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My Team Profile List Widget

Minimal yet stylish "My Team" widget with list of team members and images - PSD.

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White Round Soft Button

Soft white button with impressed icon - PSD.

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Mini Admin Menu with Icons

Small admin menu with distinctive icons and orange active effects. PSD

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Notepad Style UI Text Block

Attractive stacked paper notepad with ribbon banner, image, and text - the bottom corner directs to 'next page'. PSD

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Vinyl Record and Album Cover

Flat style vinyl record with album cover in editable PSD file.

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Ripped Paper Lined ToDo List

Notepad style with ripped off paper ToDo list with a leather look binding (includes add/delete icons) and lined note with check boxes. PSD

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Stacked Paper Playlist Music Player

Textured paper Music Player - clean and simple - featuring play buttons, song playing (with progress bar), playlist with options to share, fav or star, and search field. PSD

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3 Sleek White Social Share Buttons Set

3 Pristine white social share buttons with crisp icons - Twitter, Facebook and Google. PSD

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Light Grey Video Player Interface

Detailed light tone video player with easy-to-read elements and green effects - PSD.

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Minimal Bubble Music Player

Dark minimal music player in bubble style with inset for song title, music icon, and play/pause inset buttons. PSD

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White Growl Notification Theme

Sweet borderless white Growl notification theme - PSD.

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Brushed Aluminum UI Elements Kit

Set of UI elements in brushed aluminum effect - numbered vertical progress bar, vertical selector slider with knob, on/off switches with glow light, and simple search field. PSD

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Creative Image Map Pointers Set

Colorful and creative map pointers with circular image frame - PSD set.

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Flat Simple App Blog Interface

Clean and simple flat app blog with title, profile button, navigation, a content slider, blog-style content blocks and social sharing icons. PSD

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Hotel Reservation UI Modal Box

Clean professional hotel or event booking - hotel selection, from/to booking date, different options and large colorful button. PSD and fully coded HTML and CSS files.

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Notification Window Confirm Action CSS/PSD

A simple modal window popup to confirm an action with the user. (OK and Cancel buttons) Colors are easily editable. CSS/HTML and PSD.

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Subtle Web Page Dividers Set

Stylish and subtle webpage dividers perfect for use in mockups, in web design for separating content blocks in an interesting way. This set offers a variety of choices for the effect you want to create. PSD

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12 Flat Square Lifestyle Icon Set

12 Fresh white lifestyle icons in square frames - ideas of outdoors, party, gym, photos, food, devices, plants, coffee - PSD set.

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5 Quaint Boutique Icons Set

4 Charming icons for a small shop or business. Includes a mannequin, discount rack (clothes hanger), 100% guarantee icon, and an “open” sign.

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Flat Metro Vertical UI Menu

Flat Metro style vertical UI menu with color code active state and dropdown features. PSD

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Cartoon Camera App Icon Set

8 Colorful cartoon style camera app icons with rounded corners and reflective lens. PSD

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5 Are You Sure UI Notifications

Set of 5 UI notifications - simple and clean - asking Are you sure? before carrying out a task. PSD file comes with 5 color variations.

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CSS Labeled Checkbox

Versatile CSS/HTML resource checkbox with various styles and states. Easily change the colour and style or even add a little Javascript to add interactivity to your site.

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10 Digital Media Web Icons Set

10 Crisp white web icons - photos, camera, links, video, trash, graph, audio, messages, mail, and a checklist. PSD set

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Flat eCommerce Block with Popout

Neat and clean, flat e-commerce box with a title, image, price tag, and pop-out description. PSD

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9 Vintage Style Poster Labels Vector Set

9 Vintage western style labels with grunge elements designed to look like early poster ads - vector EPS set.

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8 Seal Badges and Labels 50's Style Vector Set

8 Fabulous fifties retro labels and badges featuring a retro Facebook badge, and words like quality, dependable, premium and assured. Vector EPS and PDF set.

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9 Retro 50's Theme Vector Sales Labels Set

9 Retro styled labels with a 50's look - like the sign from a diner - designed for sales discount, premium quality, best choice customer satisfaction. Vector EPS set.

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Abstract Business Card Templates Set

Attractive abstract business card template set - front and back - with triangle shapes and featured center for logo - vector EPS.

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7 Vintage Floral Art Vector Labels Set

7 Floral theme vintage vector labels painted in an art nouveau style - EPS file.