• 4088times viewed
  • 675გადმოწერილი

Cute Owls and Birds on a Branch Illustration

Spring like illustration of cute owls and birds on a branch decorated with gingham pattern - vector EPS background.

  • 3030times viewed
  • 363გადმოწერილი

Futuristic Framework Lines Background

Shaped like the shell of a spaceship, this colorful lines abstract seems suspended against the black background - vector EPS.

  • 2952times viewed
  • 906გადმოწერილი

Dark Abstract Lights Floral Wave Background

Set on a dark textured background is an abstract of flowing waves of color, floral swirls, and glowing lights - EPS vector.

  • 4520times viewed
  • 512გადმოწერილი

Cartoon Circus Clown & Animal Acts

Colorful cartoon circus characters - juggling, riding a bicycle, jumping through fire - as well as a circus tent. Vector EPS set.

  • 2744times viewed
  • 246გადმოწერილი

Christmas Snowman Sign Background

Dressed up snowman with purple hat and scarf displaying a wooden sign with curled paper for text - vector background in EPS.

  • 3807times viewed
  • 535გადმოწერილი

Red Christmas Hat Alphabet Font

Festive red Christmas font with each letter of the alphabet topped with a Santa hat - vector EPS.

  • 3290times viewed
  • 1051გადმოწერილი

Sticker Label Sale eCommerce UI Pack

Colorful collection of ecommerce stickers, labels and badges - corner stickers, copyright, money back, 100% guarantee - vector Ai set.

  • 3230times viewed
  • 811გადმოწერილი

6 Paper Speech Bubbles Dialog Box Set

6 Paper style pink speech bubbles or dialog boxes taped to a polka dot background - vector EPS set.

  • 2747times viewed
  • 598გადმოწერილი

Elegant Floral Swirl Abstract Background

Abstract blue tone floral swirls vector background in EPS format.

  • 2924times viewed
  • 262გადმოწერილი

Juicy Long Shadow Graph Flat UI

Simple juicy UI graph in a flat style with long shadow below graph line. PSD

  • 3228times viewed
  • 415გადმოწერილი

Weather Widget UI & Icons Pack

Display the weather using these Metro style weather widgets and showy icons. Options of city, day of week, temperature and weekly forecast. PSD set.

  • 2916times viewed
  • 216გადმოწერილი

iOS 7 Style Blurred Header CSS

Here is an iOS7-style semitransparent blurred header that can display text - created with some lines of CSS and JS. This coded snippet was designed by Rik Schennink.

  • 3032times viewed
  • 176გადმოწერილი

Firefox OS Fira Sans Typeface Font

The Firefox OS Fira Sans Typeface Font is designed to integrate with the character of the OS and work with a large range of handsets varying in screen quality and rendering. Open Type, True Type and Webfont are styles available for download.

  • 3269times viewed
  • 361გადმოწერილი

iOS 7 Stats View App Concept

Presenting an iOS 7 stats view concept app which includes a view of a colourful but simple pie chart. PSD

  • 4055times viewed
  • 238გადმოწერილი

DW Minion WP WordPress Blog Theme Website

DW Minion - a free responsive WordPress Blog Theme website designed to deliver a minimal and simple blog showcased in style. Various post formats are supported and it focuses on social sharing - each post featuring a large image. CSS/HTML complete with PHP files.

  • 4083times viewed
  • 286გადმოწერილი

Bjango Actions 2.0 Photoshop Set

Here are some very useful Bjango Actions 2.0 -from creating new documents at the correct size for iPhone and iPad icons to setting the light source used for Layer Styles to directly above - Bjango Action and PSD files.

  • 4076times viewed
  • 284გადმოწერილი

3 iPhone 5S Sideview Mockup Set

3 color versions of the iPhone 5S smartphone from a side view - black, silver and white. PSD

  • 4399times viewed
  • 548გადმოწერილი

Transparent Blueprint Grid Pattern Kit

Pixel perfect blueprint grid pattern kit, transparent to match any color - great for designing icons, construction mock-ups, ui/ux work and websites - PSD, ASL and PAT files.

  • 3951times viewed
  • 203გადმოწერილი

3 iPhone 5S Smartphone Mockups Set

3 Black, white or gold iPhone 5S solid color mockups in flat design in editable PSD.

  • 4106times viewed
  • 807გადმოწერილი

Minimal iOS 7 Weather App Design

Sleek purple iOS 7 style Weather App featuring large temperature figure and weeks forecast menu at the bottom - PSD.

  • 4107times viewed
  • 254გადმოწერილი

HTML Starter Bootstrap Templates Set

Here are several HTML Bootstrap 3 starter templates - business, portfolio, sidebar, slider, homepage, blog post and more - complete with PHP files.

  • 3584times viewed
  • 232გადმოწერილი

PSD UI Elements Kit Trance FM

Sleek UI elements kit - flat or volume - designed for Trance FM radio. PSD

  • 3928times viewed
  • 274გადმოწერილი

16 Cartoon Style Web & Weather Icons

16 Bright colorful cartoon style mixed icons including weather icons - clock, calculator, mail, calendar, volume, chat - PSD set.

  • 4271times viewed
  • 340გადმოწერილი

50 Flat Mini Glyph Icons Pack

50 Precise mini glyph web icons set in PSD.

  • 4629times viewed
  • 898გადმოწერილი

Complete Gamecenter UI Elements Kit

Gamecenter is a huge pack of quality UI elements including - navigation, image slider, players, buttons, graph, icons, calendar, equalizer, sliders, menu list an much more - PSD.

  • 3178times viewed
  • 264გადმოწერილი

Sticky Note UI ToDo List

Authentic yellow lined notepad or sticky note for todo list with checkboxes and new list icon - PSD.

  • 3492times viewed
  • 391გადმოწერილი

Flat Showy UI Blog App

Here is a flat simple app that presents your blog in style - starts with a title, profile button, navigation, then a content slider, and different blog-style content blocks with social icons at the bottom. PSD

  • 3374times viewed
  • 259გადმოწერილი

Flat UI Hotel Reservation Widget

Well designed flat UI hotel reservation widget for hotel or event booking, with a hotel from/to booking date, and different options - PSD and fully coded CSS/HTML

  • 3579times viewed
  • 162გადმოწერილი

Flat Dropdown List Menu App

Modern and clean flat dropdown list with corresponding icons - PSD.

  • 3112times viewed
  • 257გადმოწერილი

Mini Mail Inbox Page

Organized mini mail inbox page with search field in header, side vertical menu, circular avatar, slider and settings icon. PSD

  • 3181times viewed
  • 480გადმოწერილი

Flat Music Player Album Equalizer

Attractive flat music player featuring an album cover, playlist with slider and popup equalizer. PSD

  • 3599times viewed
  • 446გადმოწერილი

Glow Volume Control Knob Set

2 Detailed volume control knobs - one black and the other white - with glow light indicators. PSD

  • 3288times viewed
  • 247გადმოწერილი

Sign up Registration Social Window

Sign up with - Google +, Facebook or Twitter using this clean white registration window with flat colorful buttons. PSD

  • 3754times viewed
  • 506გადმოწერილი

18 Metro Flat Social Icons Set

18 Crisp colorful square social networking icons in Metro style - with long shadows and white logos. PSD

  • 2629times viewed
  • 261გადმოწერილი

Wooden Web UI Elements Kit

Light wood ui web elements kit - buttons in 3 states, dropdown button, slider, mini options menu, input fields, progress bar, forward/back button, toggles, switches, check boxes and radio buttons - PSD.

  • 3693times viewed
  • 1189გადმოწერილი

30 Seamless Clouds Background Wallpapers

30 Breathtaking cloudbursts and atmospheres with glowing light - seamless backgrounds and wallpapers - 600x600px high resolution JPG pack.

  • 3885times viewed
  • 1292გადმოწერილი

8 Gradient Texture Blurred Backgrounds

8 High resolution blurred gradient texture backgrounds set in JPG (1280x960px).

  • 4023times viewed
  • 827გადმოწერილი

Black Product Box Package Mockup

Glossy semi-transparent product box or package - black with blue center - PSD.

  • 3849times viewed
  • 841გადმოწერილი

Mac Browser Display Mockup

Showcase your work in a 3 sided Mac browser mockup in editable PSD.

  • 4559times viewed
  • 1318გადმოწერილი

Flat Cartoon CityScape Background

High resolution city background in flat cartoon style - cityscape with high rise buildings - PSD.

  • 3479times viewed
  • 577გადმოწერილი

Flat Credit Card Payment Icons Set

Flat style credit card, debit card and payment icons set for ecommerce site - PSD.

  • 3413times viewed
  • 193გადმოწერილი

6 Flat Calendar Action Icons

6 Metro style flat calendar icons - some with alert and actions for add/delete - PSD set.

  • 3711times viewed
  • 566გადმოწერილი

36 Web Designer Mixed Icons Set

36 White mixed icons for web designers - editable PSD.

  • 3874times viewed
  • 640გადმოწერილი

Merry Christmas Vintage Badge Sticker

Vintage style scalloped edge Merry Christmas badge with subtle snowflake, stars and Xmas tree center. PSD

  • 3351times viewed
  • 811გადმოწერილი

Vintage Ribbon Discount Badge

Beautifully designed vintage badge with discount feature, serrated edge and satiny green banner. PSD

  • 3403times viewed
  • 323გადმოწერილი

12 Metro Flat Weather Icons Set

12 Flat Metro design weather icons set in PSD.

  • 4816times viewed
  • 1220გადმოწერილი

Retro Pattern Business Card Template

Brown plaid retro business card template in print ready PSD.

  • 4638times viewed
  • 1263გადმოწერილი

Black & White Checkered Business Card Set

Modern black business card with white logo center and checked pattern back - front and back templates in PSD.

  • 4359times viewed
  • 1121გადმოწერილი

Eco Nature Business Card Template Set

Green eco nature business card with blurred bokeh bubbles - front and back templates - PSD.

  • 3670times viewed
  • 460გადმოწერილი

Red LED Font Alphabet Numbers

Red LED font - alphabet, common symbols, and numbers - layered and editable PSD.