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Amazing Shopping Cart Widget Elements PSD

Quality set of shopping cart elements - an item list, quantity buttons, pricing, tooltip popup, hover styles, and a stitched-style title area. PSD

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Detailed Clean Login Form Interface PSD

Clean attractive sign-in form that includes Facebook/Twitter/Google authentication buttons and a register link. PSD

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Modern Image Hover States Set PSD

These image boxes have three different states — a single image, a darkened “hover” state, and an album of multiple images. PSD set.

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OS X Style Music Downloader Widget Interface PSD

Dark OS X style music downloader widget that lists several albums, their cover art, and prices. PSD

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Round Brushed Metal Volume Button PSD

Brushed metal control knob with red effects in PSD and PNG.

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400 Amazing Pyconic Pixel Icons Pack PNG

400 Glyph style designer Pyconic icons pack in PNG 32x32px.

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7 Creative Web Mixed Icons Set PNG

7 Useful stylish mixed icons set in PNG.

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35 Exquisite Social Media Icons Pack PNG

35 Premium quality social networking icons set in PNG.

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28 White Shaped Social Media Icons Set PNG

28 White two corner shaped social networking icons set in PNG - 48x48px.

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29 Beautiful Social Networking Icons Set PSD/PNG

29 Amazing tooltip style social media icons set in 32px PNG and PSD.

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40 Amazing Social Media Pixel Icons Pack PNG/PSD

40 Pixel perfect "Go Social" networking icons pack in PNG and PSD - 16px and 32px.

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26 Ecommerce Shopping Cart Icons Set PNG

26 E-commerce shopping cart and payment icons set in PNG.

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67 Sweetie Plus Pixel Web Icons Pack PNG

67 SweetiePlus minimal pixel icons pack for designers - PNG 16px and 24px sizes.

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7 Custom Flurry/Phoney OS X Folder Icons Set

7 Colorful Flurry Phoney folder icons set for OS X. ICNS files.

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2 Stylish OS X Flurry Phoney Icon Set ICNS

2 Quality OS X Flurry Phone icons set - music and pictures - in .icns format.

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9 Flurry Phoney OS X Icons Set ICNS

9 Quality MacOS X Flurry icons set in .icns format.

  • 12568times viewed
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2 Mountain Lion OS X Flurry Note Icons Set

2 Flurry/Phoney Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 icons - note pad and reminders checklist - ICNS format.

  • 12054times viewed
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6 Flurry iPhone iOS Icons Set ICNS

6 Detailed quality Flurry iPhone icons set in ICNS.

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13 Round Adobe CS6 Replacement Icons Set PNG

13 Smooth modern Adobe CS6 replacement icons set in PNG.

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Elegant Vintage Ribbon Badge Element PSD

Vintage blue badge with ribbon banner in PSD.

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Realistic Pink Stamped Paper Ticket PSD

Pink stamped paper ticket UI element - PSD.

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Grey iOS Web Icon with Metal Edge PSD

Classy iOS web icon template with slate grey and shiny metal effects. PSD

  • 12272times viewed
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5 Mobile Phone Icons Set PSD

5 Stylish mobile phone icons set - Android, Apple and Blackberry - PSD.

  • 9160times viewed
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3 Colorful Textured Big UI Buttons Set PSD

3 Web UI big patterned buttons set - red, yellow and green - PSD.

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Awesome Pink Social Media Icons Set PNG

12 Pink finely crafted social networking icons set in PNG - 64px and 128px.

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Stylized Checkboxes On/Off Switch Set CSS/HTML

Stylized checkboxes - excellent for preferences page to turn feature on or off - CSS/HTML and jQuery.

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Modern UI Tooltip Alerts Widget PSD

Sleek web UI tooltip alerts widget with icons and buttons - PSD. (vector based)

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Colorful Shapes Abstract Vector Background

Abstract colorful shapes with subtle vertical stripe - vector EPS background.

  • 27720times viewed
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Brilliant Yellow Sun Burst Abstract Background

Bright summer sun rays abstract vector EPS background.

  • 14186times viewed
  • 1912downloaded

Glowing Autumn Floral Abstract Vector Background

Lovely autumn colored floral abstract with light glow - vector EPS background.

  • 17313times viewed
  • 2468downloaded

Orange Wave Honeycomb Abstract Background

Bold orange wave abstract with fine honeycomb pattern - vector EPS background.

  • 14123times viewed
  • 1437downloaded

Lacy Green Floral Abstract Pattern Background

Lovely green floral abstract with lacy elements - seamless pattern vector background. EPS.

  • 12495times viewed
  • 1480downloaded

4 Circle Color Wheel Abstract Vector Backgrounds

4 Abstract circle wheel blurred vector backgrounds set in EPS.

  • 11751times viewed
  • 2119downloaded

3 Futuristic Tech Abstract Vector Banners Set

Futuristic dark abstract vector banners/headers set in EPS.

  • 16719times viewed
  • 1759downloaded

Deep Blue Netted Abstract Vector Background

Beautiful blue wavy lines abstract vector background in EPS.

  • 12195times viewed
  • 1114downloaded

Abstract Blue Curves & Circles Vector Background

Blue layered curves and circles abstract vector EPS background.

  • 14408times viewed
  • 1810downloaded

Sparkling Bokeh Circles Abstract Vector Background

Glowing pink and blue bokeh circles abstract on black vector background - EPS.

  • 15500times viewed
  • 2288downloaded

Eco Green Sunburst Leaves Abstract Background

Fresh green leaves with dewdrops and light rays abstract vector background in EPS.

  • 13575times viewed
  • 1203downloaded

Vivid Color Curves Abstract Vector Background

Bold tone colorful half circle curves abstract vector background in EPS.

  • 14396times viewed
  • 3401downloaded

Decorative Floral Elements Vector Pack

Ornamental floral design elements vector set in EPS format.

  • 10653times viewed
  • 1534downloaded

Color Wave Abstract Vector Background

Colorful curves and waves abstract vector background - EPS.

  • 12219times viewed
  • 2250downloaded

Blue Tech Business Abstract Vector Background

Blue technology or business style abstract vector background.

  • 15501times viewed
  • 1927downloaded

Luminous Pink/Blue Waves Abstract Background

Glowing pink and blue waves and lights abstract vector background in EPS.

  • 14220times viewed
  • 2134downloaded

Transparent Flowers Abstract Vector Background

Deep toned transparent floral abstract with glowing backlight - vector background - EPS.

  • 13023times viewed
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49 Fashionable Woman's Purses/Bags Vector Set

49 Trendy and fashionable women's bags vector set - EPS.

  • 14530times viewed
  • 2044downloaded

Quaint Floral Dotted Seamless Vector Pattern

Sweet floral with circles and dotted patterns seamless vector EPS background.

  • 14692times viewed
  • 2215downloaded

Futuristic 3D Art Abstract Vector Background

Red 3D modern art abstract vector background in EPS.

  • 17186times viewed
  • 2327downloaded

Blue Halftone Waves Abstract Vector Background

Big blue waves with halftone dots abstract vector background - EPS.

  • 11006times viewed
  • 1091downloaded

Glowing Orange/Pink Abstract Vector Background

Deep orange and pink glowing abstract with black vector background - EPS.

  • 13839times viewed
  • 1890downloaded

Multi-Colored Wave Line Abstract Background

Colorful wavy lines and curves abstract vector background in EPS.