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New Frontview Macbook Mockups Set

The new Macbook has arrived and here are some mockups to display your applications - in silver, space grey, and gold. PSD

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Unique Fold Over Accordion Flipper Interface PSD

Folded paper accordion flipper - as a loader in mobile applications or as a hover style in website design and development to show the title or any text underneath it. PSD (pay with tweet at authors site)

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Lookamore UI Kit for Android App PSD

Lookamore - finally a full UI kit especially dedicated to Android applications. Fields, navigation, buttons, player, slider, switches and social icons - PSD.

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Finely Detailed iPhone/iPad Compass Icons PNG

Intricately designed compass icon with wooden styling for iPhone/iPad applications. PNG (4 size variations)

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MeteorApp App Showcase Website Template PSD

MeteorApp - a bold PSD website mockup for showcasing applications.

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6 Elegant Text Box Styles UI Elements PSD

6 Modern clean text box styles for web or mobile applications with light or dark background - PSD.

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Pandora iPad/iPhone UI Elements Kit PSD

The Pandora UI Free Kit - iPhone and iPad applications (Retina Display) Ui elements including 2 samples - a book shelf app and Facebook app. PSD

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Fresh Blue Facebook App & Messenger Icons Set

Beautifully made blue replacement icons for Facebook applications and Facebook messenger. PNG 120px

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8 Electronic Hardware 3D Icons Set PNG

8 Detailed electronic hardware icons set - perfect for illustration in professional or educational software or applications - PNG in various sizes and colors.

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31 Simple Clean Pixel Icons Pack PNG

31 Pretty pixel icons pack - for application toolbars, content management systems, web applications - blue, pale blue, orange, and grey. PNG 10x10px.

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Apple LED Cinema Display Mockup PSD

Amazing Apple LED cinema display mockup - great for displaying websites and applications in context for clients as well as for presentation of your portfolio.

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Dark Canvas Texture Background PAT

New trendy canvas texture pattern ready to be used in backgrounds, applications, websites. Photoshop PAT format.

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Simple Attractive Preview Window PSD

Nice and simple preview window for showing off your websites or applications. Everything is editable and fully layered PSD.

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Multiple Circles Pattern Vector Background

A circular pattern which can be used for a wide variety of applications - Ai file.

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Glossy iPad Retina Display Pack PSD

The iPad retina display pack is a collection of sliders, buttons and more for use on websites, applications and mobiles. PSD 2048x1536px

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Clean Facebook Applications Wireframe

Facebook related elements to use in creating wireframes for Facebook applications.

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Dark Minion Web UI Applications Kit PSD

A dark but sleek UI similar to applications that had some style from OS X and Ubuntu. PSD editable.

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Grey and Blue UI Touch Kit PSD

Blue and grey UI Kit for touch applications in psd.

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7 Trendy Avatar User PSD Icons

7 men and women user icons in psd - useful for profile applications, avatars, lists as well as for forums and blogs. 256x256px PNG included.

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Slick Modern Snow Web UI Kit PSD

This set of UI elements was created specifically for light, modern websites and applications. PSD

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10 Blue Glossy Web App Icons PNG

10 blue icons designed specially for web applications. They are designed with 3D and glossy effect. PNG in 4 size variations.

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Gnome Monochrome Icon Theme Pack

Full monochromatic icons for panels, toolbars and buttons and colourful squared icons for devices, applications, folder, files and Gnome menu items. Four themes are included.

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Universal Blue Web User Icon PSD

Simple icon for web applications, forums, avatars, own account and profile.

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148 Web App Vector Icons Pack

148-icon set contains all crisp-shaped icons that are designed for wide use in web applications, multimedia and software.

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Clean Black & White Web Elements Set

Web Elements PSD to use in web design, applications and print.

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Dark Mobile Web Page Design

Dark web design related to mobile applications, portfolio works. Can be easily modified to fit any other business.

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Android 2.2 GUI

A complete GUI set for Android 2.2 for small applications in photoshop, comes with psd file

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Quality Logo Pack

A nice 5 pack of logos done in high resolution for web applications comes with 5 psd files in photoshop

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Next Gen Logo Pack

5 logos in high resolution comes with photoshop psd files for basic applications